It is guaranteed that within the first few minutes of any Barre class that you will be asked to ‘tendu’ which is a fancy (French) way of saying ‘stretch your foot’ or pointe.

The common cue is ‘point your toes’ but this is where we often come unstuck.

Often clients curl toes in an effort to create a ‘point’. This causes a build up of tension in the front of the ankle (which can cause stress to radiate up the shins) and the achilles tendon takes a lot of strain. #helloshinsplints and #achillesinflammation

By pointing and opening the front of the ankle, and keeping toes lengthened clients can feel a deep contraction in the calf muscle. The shin is lengthened there is feeling a lift of her lateral arch in the foot #justlikearainbow

Learning to point your toes correctly can lead to better foot and lower leg health no matter whether you are a professional ballerina or a 9-5pm office worker!

And if you have trouble with cramping or chronic tightness in your feet, be sure to check out our MELT Method Hand and Foot sessions every Friday 1pm at UP Fitness On The Terrace and learn how to rehydrate and gain better support for your feet for longevity.

After all, great foot health can lead to better pelvic and jaw health too #truestory

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